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Many have experienced the pain of urinary tract disorders and have found relief by using Cysticlean. These are just a few mentions that Cysticlean have received across media
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When cystitis becomes a recurring problem

Are you suffering from cystitis after the menopause? if so, you are not alone. Cystitis and urinary tract infections are reported as the most common types of bacterial infections- causing between 1%- 3% of all doctor visits.

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Cysticlean® for natural relief of Cystitis

The triggers for cystitis are many. Whatever the cause recurrent cystitis is severely life affecting. No one wants to take repeated doses of antibiotics. Cystitis is usually caused by e coli attacking the bladder wall.

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Cystitis again and again...?

Prevent and treat recurrent cystitis naturally. Proven effective against bacteria causing painful cystitis. HIGHEST strength potent PAC-240mg.

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We love... Cysticlean(£24.99)

It is clinically proven to prevent and treat cystitis , which can become more of a problem most menopause because lack of oestrogen often increase inflammation and dryness. Cysticlean contains more proanthocyanidins (PACs) the active ingredient in cranberry juice than the juice itself.

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Michelle Robinson, 41, From Nottingham

I've had recurrent bouts of cystitis, which can be triggered by the E.coli bug, for as long as I can remember. I discovered Cysticlean (£24.99 for 30 tablets, It contains cranberries, which have compounds that can dislodge the bacteria and fight infection. At last I'm cystitis free.

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Antibiotics stopped working for me

Over the years, I tried every possible remedy, from cranberry products to weird teas. When I fell pregnant in 2012, I wanted to avoid antibiotics completely. I heard about something called Cysticlean online and decided to try it. Amazingly, it really seemed to help, and I've only had one course of antibiotics since.

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Give Cystitis The Red Card

North American cranberries have high levels of PACs (proanthocyanidins), which are effective at preventing the bacteria that causes cystitis from sticking to the bladder wall.

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Need to know

Cystitis is inflammation that occurs when bacteria enters the bladder, causing an urgent, frequent and often painful need to urinate. Almost all women will experience it at least once in their lifetime but it is more common during pregnancy, in sexually active women and post-menopausal women.

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If you suffer the misery of recurrent cystitis (twice in six months or three times a year), it's likely you've been treated with antibiotics more than once. Now Cysticlean has been developed to help sufferers of recurrent cystitis boost their urinary health.

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Cystitis call

Looking for a natural alternative to antibiotics for recurrent cystitis? Cysticlean could be the answer. Ingredients include extracts of cranberry, which studies show may help to stop the bacteria responsible for cystitis sticking to the bladder wall.

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Berry good

Almost all women will suffer from cystitis at some point. Cysticlean 118mg PAC (£24.99 for 30 tables, contains cranberry extract, which gets rid of the bacteria that trigger infections.

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It used to be called honeymoon cystitis, but you don't have to be a newlywed to experience this passion-killing bladder infection, which can flare up after sex. Now a study has shown that Cysticlean - a cranberry extract - can help by ensuring that the toxins responsible for repeated infections do not adhere to the bladder wall. Recommended by urologists and gynaecologists, it costs £24.99 for a month's supply from Victoria Health and independent health stores.

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Reader rated - Gabriellelevine, 34, From London

Having suffered from bouts of cystitis for years, I wanted an alternative to antibiotics, I have now discovered Cysticlean, a concentrated cranberry supplement. I haven't had any cystitis symptoms since I started using it.

As seen in You Magazine, 7th July 2013


Cranberry extract can help prevernt bacterial cyctitis. But many Cranberry drinks contain sugar, which encourages bacterial growth. New research shows that the sugar-free supplement Cysticlean, which has high levels of active antibacterial compounds, suits women with frequent urinary tract infections and is very effective.

As seen in Good Housekeeping, November 2011

Cystitis and the Menopause

Up to half of women get cystitis for the first time during the menopause. This painful bacterial bladder infection can be caused by hormonal changes or having sex – something statistics show over – 45s are doing more than any previous generation. Treatment varies, but usually involves antibiotics or, for recurrent attacks, vaginal oestrogen cream or pessaries plus medication. To help prevent infection, drink 1.5 to 2 litres of water per day, avoid the use of spermicidal gel and eat a pot of live yogurt once a day to encourage friendly bacteria. Cranberry extract has shown promise in some clinical trials – it works by improving the bladder’s ability to flush away ‘bad’ bacteria. Try Cysticlean, which has some independent evidence to back it and can be taken alongside conventional medicine. It costs £24.99 for one month’s supply from health food shops or .